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I have decided to paint Chinese symbols.

I feel that in a world besieged with war, hunger and indifference people are in search of meaning and spirituality.

Symbols help to guide us, bring us back to where we feel secure and at peace.


Cosmic Mandala
The Cosmic Mandala

The circles suggest the passage from state to state, from the material to the spiritual.

It is the universal emblem of the cosmos, our aid in meditation, our path to perfection.

It is perpetual motion, and perpetual rest.


To Revert Back to Innocence
To Revert Back to Innocence


The Ping
The Ping

The Ping was the logo of the early Chinese Mass Education and Rural Reconstruction Movement, beginning in 1923.

On the global scale, it signifies Peace, Equality and Justice.

On the personal level, it signifies Calmness, Serenity and Tranquility.

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