didit robillo

Didit Robillo van der Linden, has had 9 one-woman exhibitions out of 16 exhibitions. She started exhibiting her paintings in 1994 in Dhaka. Since then she has exhibited in Manila, Davao, New York and The Hague. Her most recent exhibition is in Gallery Gora, Montreal City, Canada in July 18-26, 2008.

Didit received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas with a Major in Interior Design. Before working as a visual artist, her early artistic endeavors included designing and manufacture of Furniture, designing and manufacture of Costume Jewelry and Interior Design.

Portraying people and their concerns were Didit’s early subjects. In recent years her compositions have been mostly still life and landscape. Didit Paints with Oil and Acrylic Colors.

Didit Robillo van der Linden resides in Paranaque City, Philippines with her husband and two children. She signs her paintings with her maiden name Robillo.





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